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Kortmar are active breeders and exhibitors of Shiba Inu and the Alaskan Malamute (20+ years)


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Our history with Alaskan Malamutes goes back to 1991 with our first litter bred in 1993. We have bred and exhibited Best in Show winning dogs and in our earlier years, successfully raced the dogs in harness as well.


We commenced with the Shiba Inu in 2010 - we lost 3 dogs to Brown Snakes in 2012/13 so the last few years have been a process of rebuilding our team.


2016 and Beyond

More details about our dogs and future breeding plans are contained in the breed specific pages.


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Breeding & Exhibiting  Alaskan Malamutes

New Directions for Alaskan Malamutes

As we are getting older, we are now concentrating on the Shiba Inu - Sarah and Kylie have now taken over the reins with the Alaskan Malamutes but will still be breeding with Lyne under the Kortmar prefix.


Matisse, Francine, Letty and Koko all attained their Australian Championship titles during 2015 and Bonnie had 4 pups - one of which, Armani, is the new show dog for Sarah and Luke.


Hazy officially retired from the ring on the 2015 October long weekend with a final Best in Group - a Supreme effort for our Supreme Hazy Man!


2016 sees a litter for Matisse and a litter for Letty. See the Alaskan Malamute page for more details.


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Breeding & Exhibiting Shiba Inu

New Directions for Shiba Inu

2015 was a big year - we started the year with Buddy, Betty, Della and Rah.

March 2015 saw the arrival of our first Shiba Inu import - Oh-chan - Aust Ch Brightvalley Tono Go Queen Bless (JPN) from Japan.
In May 2015, Toky and Flame joined us and Teddy returned from Mick at Risingsuns.
Oh-chan and Buddy both had excellent results in the show ring during 2015 and both gained their Australian Championship titles along with a host of other group and in-show level wins.
Oh-chan sired 4 litters for us - Toky (3), Della (5), Betty (5) and Flame (4) - a pup from each of these litters will be the next generation for Kortmar and we hope they make themselves knows in around the show rings in 2016 and beyond.
2016 is already shaping up to be a great year - our boys are continuing their winning ways as they start to mature and our youngsters are making their presence felt in the ring.
Many thanks to all our team showing Kortmar dogs.

** Shiba Inu Update September 2016 **

If you are looking for a Shiba Inu to show - please feel free to contact us as we choose show potential pups first.


For those seeking a pet/companion puppy - our apologies but we are closing our current waiting list.

We have a lot of people already waiting and with the  time-frame extending into multiple years - it is no longer feasible to keep adding to the list.


We will re-open the list once we have worked through those that have already registered interest and note that if an older pup or dog comes up, it will always be advertised on the FB page