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Its half way through the year (July 2019) and we have had some fabulous visitors for our exclusive Shiba Stay & Play packages at Kortmar Manor! 

August is a very busy show month around these parts so it will be much easier to fit you in for a weeknight rather than a weekend. Want to know more? Click here.

Kortmar Shiba Inu is proudly the Number 1 Shiba Inu Breeder 2017 (DOL Pointscore)

Number 1 Shiba Inu Breeder 2018 (DOL Pointscore)


Just  a bit PROUD!

 ALL enquiries for a puppy or adult please register via our Wait List page.

Please note that it is likely a MULTIPLE YEAR WAIT for a puppy
and there are never any guarantees.


There may be a shorter wait for a potential show puppy should we consider we have one suitable - you will need to contact me direct in addition to putting your details on the Wait List if you are seeking a potential show pup.


Thank you for your interest in our fabulous dogs - we appreciate how much you value them and want to do the right thing by them and you by keeping you informed.

Thank you - Lyne & Simon xo


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Kortmar are active breeders and exhibitors of Shiba Inu and previously, the Alaskan Malamute (20+ years)


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Our history with Alaskan Malamutes goes back to 1991 with our first litter bred in 1993. We have bred and exhibited Best in Show winning dogs and in our earlier years, successfully raced the dogs in harness as well.


We commenced with the Shiba Inu in 2010 - we lost 3 dogs to Brown Snakes in 2012/13 so the last few years have been a process of rebuilding our team.


2019 and Beyond

Check the other pages on the site for lots more info about our dogs, pups and our Shiba Stay & Play experiences.


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Please contact us via the Wait List for all pet and show enquiries for puppies and adults.


Breeding & Exhibiting Shiba Inu

2019 has been a time to add some new additions to our show team.


Our new additions in 2019 include:
(Kortmar Ruby Slippers) - living with Chris & Andrea in the Canberra area
(Aust Ch Kortmar StellaGotHerGrooveBack) - living here with us
(Kortmar Shake It Off) - living in Northern NSW with Sarah & Luke
(Aust Ch Kortmar Dog Days Are Over) - living here with us.
(Aust Ch Kortmar Queen Of The Night) - living with Selene in the Canberra area
(Kortmar Wicked Willy) - living with Kylie in Gooloogong
(Kortmar Pay Em Out Early) - living here with us
(Kortmar Peaches N Cream) - living with Kylie in Gooloogong
We have high hopes for these kiddies in the ring!
Kortmar Shiba Inu is proudly the Number 1 Shiba Inu Breeder 2017 (DOL Pointscore)

Number 1 Shiba Inu Breeder 2018 (DOL Pointscore)