Application for the Wait List

Please note that we have multiple litters planned for 2023 / 2024 and we welcome your puppy application.

To submit your interest in a puppy from us, please click the link below


ALL Pet / Companion pups are sold on the Limited Register to the final owner and are NOT to be on-sold. If you can no longer keep the puppy or adult then unless an alternative home is found by working with us then they are to be returned to us and we will rehome them. We sell all our pups on Contract and proof of desexing is required from all pet/companion pups.

An example copy of the Contract is attached in the side bar of this website - please take the time to read it over so you understand what you would be agreeing to if you were offered a puppy.

Refunds will NOT be provided for pups or dogs that are returned if you can no longer keep them for whatever reason but WE WILL undertake to secure a suitable alternative home.

This is NOT NEGOTIABLE - if you are not prepared to abide by this arrangement then please do not register your interest in a puppy/dog. 

Information requested for Application to Waitlist

Submitting your Application is going to take some effort on your behalf and likely will be considered too invasive by many of you and I am ok with that. 😊

We will keep all information supplied confidential and will use this information to inform  decision making about who we might offer a pup too but note that these submissions are shared with the other Breeders using my Wait List (a group of us have access to this email account -

We do not take deposits until we have an actual pup to offer you and pups will need to be paid in full before they leave.
Personally, I provide a lot of myself in my pups and I live and breathe my dogs every day – our effort, loss of sleep and involvement starts way before pups are born or due to go to new homes.
I do regular live streaming of the pups, provide photos and updates and I socialize my pups very well. I health check (hip, elbow, patella & eye) all adults before breeding and supply copies of those results, along with comprehensive diet and training advice, meal packs and a substantial puppy pack to new puppy owners with lifetime support. I also try to match up puppy and family personalities - they are not always the easiest breed to live with!

You can see more info on the Puppy Information page, including video's of an example Puppy Pack and Puppy folder - please take the time to review the information on this page as well before you submit an application. 


So - with all that in mind, its only fair that you go to an effort in your response to me about why you would be a good home for one of our pups.


  • If you have previously visited us or met up with us at a show – note that in your application and the approximate timing.
  • If you are looking for a show prospect - why? Are you a member of a State/Territory controlling body? Have you ever shown before? Why your interest in a show dog? (Note that Show Dogs / Main Register are also sold on contract
  • Why do you want a Shiba and why do you want one from us? Tell me about yourselves and convince me that you truly know what you are getting yourself in for by having a Shiba Inu join (take over) your life.
  • Have you met Shiba’s? What sort of contact or interaction have you had with the breed to date?
  • Have you already got a Shiba or previously had a Shiba? Who from (what breeder) and what sex? Why aren’t you going back to that Breeder?
  • What is your family composition – do you have children, if so, how old are they and do you have any other pets? I would like to see pics of any other pets and details about them – are they outgoing or shy? What sort of personality are they? Who is your local vet?
  • What is your working situation? In the office or from home? How often is someone home? Do you have other adults living with you?
  • Where do you live? Your address and contact details?  Is it your own home or are you renting? If you are planning on moving, approximately when and to what?
  • If you are in an apartment, what floor and what access do you have to the outside and how do you plan to manage toileting, especially if you are not working from home – how does the pup get out to toilet?
  • If you are in your own home, do you have secure fences and a non-toxic backyard (you will need to consider the plants you have and ensure they are safe for pets) and for apartments and houses, I would like to see pics of your fences, gates, backyards and how the pup will access the house (such as dog door or what are your future plans) and for apartments, pics of your balconies and the living spaces you will be sharing with your puppy.
  • What colour and sex puppy are you seeking and have you any idea of what sort of puppy personality might be best suited to your family situation?
  • What about an older dog? Are you interested in an adult dog (2-6 years) or even a mature dog (7 years plus)? Tell me why those age options might work for you?
  • What is your time frame for a new puppy or new addition?


I work closely with several other breeders and sometimes we will use names from my list for their pups rather than them maintaining their own lists – please advise if you are happy to be considered for this as well or if you only want a pup from us - but note that anyone we work with in this way will maintain the same standards in documentation, parental health checks and puppy socialization as we do.

In most cases, anyone that breeds with Kortmar dogs is welcome to work with me to access potential names on the waitlist - that means a quicker response for YOU! 


What happens next?

Updated June 2023 


I will do my best to reach out to everyone that has applied to the list to ensure that they are still actively looking for a pup but if you are unsure that I might have missed you, please use the Rightpaw link above & make contact again - it doesn't need to be in too much detail but let me know you have applied before so I can match up the info. 


I am sorry if you have already been waiting a long time but these waitlists have taken on a life of their own & have proven to be unmanageable in the past - we have great hopes that using Rightpaw to track them will be much more transparent & efficient!


At this time, we do not request deposits but please, be respectful - if you have requested a pup from us and instead get a pup from elsewhere or change your mind, please let us know - we dont then waste your time or ours.


Thank you for taking the time to read this through and I look forward to some awesome puppy applications.