All companion pups are sold on the Limited Register - not for breeding, showing or export and are NOT to be onsold to another party - our intention is always to place into a final home & you are contractually obligated to get the pup desexed at your own expense between 6-18 months of age.

If you are unable to keep your puppy or adult for whatever reason, unless we assist you with the rehoming (ie. through us so we know about it) then the puppy or adult MUST be returned to us for rehoming - there will be NO refund for any puppy or dog that needs to be rehomed - this is about what is in the best interests of the dog.
If you are not willing to abide by this requirement for on-selling or rehoming then please do not seek a puppy from us.
Should we have sufficient quality pups beyond what we are keeping to show for ourselves, we will consider other enquiries for a show potential puppy within Australia & overseas.
Only potential show quality pups (selected for the Main Register) will be considered for export.


Show Puppy

For a show puppy, you will need to tell us more about yourself, if you currently show (and if so, what dogs or breeds) and if you don't, why you plan to with this puppy along with a bit of info about why you might want a puppy from us - and if you are after a specific pedigree, who that might be.

No doubt we will be back in touch to discuss further as we will do our very best to get you a good quality pup for the ring to represent Kortmar.

Shiba Inu Puppies


All requests for pups must be submitted via the process outlined on the Application for the Wait List page.


We breed our pups first and foremost for ourselves and not to meet market demand - we make available for sale as pets / companions those pups that we don’t keep or place into the show ring with others. 


ALL of our pups are sold with a contract. 


Breeding pups takes a lot of time, effort and money – its not something we do unless we have a goal in mind so we don’t have pups available all the time.   


We assess a litter for potential show quality pups and providing we get sufficient quality pups, the wait for a show pup is not likely to be the same as for a companion pup.


We have exciting puppy plans in the 2nd half of 2023 and into 2024 so watch this space and if you have been thinking about a pupper, now is the time to get that application in!


You are welcome to visit and meet the dogs at a show or via our Kortmar Shiba Stay & Play packages.

About our Puppies

All pups are socialised, vaccinated, regularly wormed and micro-chipped and come with a puppy pack and my full lifetime support – you are welcome to come and visit them as they are growing if you live locally and I send lots of pictures for those that live interstate or overseas.


** We select pups for ourselves and as potential show prospects first - we do not breed to meet market demand and do not have pups available all the time - be prepared for a wait but we will keep you updated as well as we can of timings. **


I supply a week’s worth of food (local pick up pups only) and a puppy pack (includes dry food for local and interstate) and folder of customised information about your new addition. 


Our adults are hip/elbow scored, patella graded and eye tested before breeding and if required, we can provide DNA proof of parentage for your pup. 


Pups that are not going as show dogs, go as companion pups (not for breeding or showing) and are on the Limited Register. You are expected to get this pup desexed at your expense and it is NOT to be bred with.


I will advise of the puppy price when discussing your application and when I make the formal puppy offer. 


All pups are sold with a contract - a draft copy of the contract will be provided when a puppy is offered (see attached).


We can discuss shared or outright ownership options for show or breeding pups (Main Register – my decision based on quality). I am happy to consider outright ownership for a show puppy of sufficient potential quality and my preference for interstate owners is outright sale due the practical issues associated with sharing a dog on co-ownership.  


Due to the uncertainty around breeding in colours, sex and numbers of pups, I do not request nor accept deposits until an offer of a specific puppy is made. 


Although I am keen to see more Kortmar Shibas in the show ring locally, interstate and overseas, pups will only be available on the Main Register (potential for breeding and showing) if I consider them to be of sufficient and competitive quality. I want to ensure you are competitive if you are showing a Kortmar Shiba and will do all I can to make sure you have proper advice on show grooming, ring behaviour and show handling – I want you to be successful!  


I have no control over the colour (I obviously have both the red and black/tan gene in our dogs) so you will need to specify what colour and sex is your preference but no guarantees.


If I have sufficient pups to be able to sell then providing the homes seem right, I am happy to send pups interstate or overseas at the new owners expense - noting that overseas puppies must be on the Main Register and outright owned.