Shiba Stay & Play Mini Break - Sample Itinerary

**** Simon & Lyne are galivanting around Australia in their Motorhome during 2023 so our Shiba Stay & Play packages will resume in 2024 ****

Note that this Sample Itinerary represents the Fully Catered option.

Day 1 


  • 10-11am - arrive at Kortmar Manor - have a coffee/tea or cold drink and light snack while we all get to know each other and first meeting of the dogs
  • 12noon - settle into your room - make sure you have all you need
  • 1pm - join us for lunch - in summer this might be a ploughmans lunch (cold meat, cheese, fresh bread and condiments followed by fresh fruit) and winter it might be something warmer (grilled cheese on toast and homemade soup or toasted foccacia followed by fresh fruit)
  • Afternoon - spend time with the dogs - depending upon the weather, maybe take someone for a walk, bathe them (if desired), just generally play with them to your hearts content
  • Mid Afternoon - Afternoon Tea - coffee/tea/cold drink and fresh scones with jam and cream or homemade cake of some sort
  • Keep spending time with the dogs
  • Help out feeding the dogs (if desired)
  • Evening - Dinner with us (unless you want some time by yourselves - that is also an option and we can set up a meal for you to eat independently if preferred) - in summer we might have a BBQ on the back verandah followed by dessert and in winter, we might have a curry or a similar warm dish and a warm pudding.
  • Settle yourselves into the lounge room to watch television with dogs for company or chat to us, maybe a boardgame if you want or chill out in your room with Netflix or take an evening walk, with or without dogs around Barmedman.

Day 2


  • Wake up at your convenience (we are always up pretty early - determined by our Shibas!)
  • Enjoy either a continential or cooked breakfast (which ever is preferred) - if the weather is good, on the front verandah to watch the world go by or the back verandah where the dogs will no doubt watch carefully from the yards directly in front of you.
  • Spend the morning with the dogs as you wish
  • Mid Morning - Morning Tea - coffee/tea/cold drink and biscuits/slice or a savory snack if preferred
  • 1pm - join us for lunch and maybe we can get some feedback on how you have enjoyed your stay and what we can do better
  • Afternoon - depart at your convenience.