#BadBetty on Tour - Day 2

What a day - I was so so lucky that I didn't get taken by an EMU! They were everywhere!

Mum tried to get some pics and a video but don't think they worked so will try again tomorrow but boy, they could have run off with me easy-peasy..... and we also saw wild goats cruising around, lots and lots (and lots more) dead Kangaroos and other animals on the road - it was a bit sad actually.

Lots and lots of red soil and scrub and such long straight roads! Mum has been telling me that we will be seeing lots more of that yet!


Tonight we are beside the river at Cunnamulla and tomorrow we will check out the town and get lots of pics for you - until tomorrow!

Mum had trouble uploading all the pics so we will have some extra ones tomorrow night.....


Good night from #BadBetty (Mark II)

We spent the night at Nyngen at a really cool campsite - right next to the Bogan River and then after I posed for some awesome pics, I said it was time to "hit the road" and off we went!

I met a friend at the NSW/Queensland Border!

His name is Gin Gin and he looks after Leonie and Brian and maybe we might even catch up again since they are heading the same way as us but going all the way to Western Australia too - wow, that is a long journey!

The bus is going great - and we are eating well too - plenty of coffee (mum is the Nespresso Queen) and dad, well he makes the most AWESOME bacon and egg rolls! Check it out!

Simon Says....

Set up camp at the Riverside caravan park in Cunnamulla Queensland, Grey Nomad central, feels like a retirement village! Very conscious of the fact that Lyne and I are potential eye candy to these older folk so trying not to draw attention to ourselves. Gave the happy hour country music sing along session a miss.

Bus is running great and reasonable fuel economy (18 litres per 100km) to boot considering we are dragging around a mobile home with all the bits and pieces, didn't get the chance to weigh the bus fully loaded before we left but I  estimate our weight to be somewhere in the vicinity of 4 ton.

The outback can be summed up as lots of wildlife, red dirt and endless straight roads. Unfortunately the roads are literally littered with the carcasses of kangaroos, emus and large hares, even a cow! Weaving around their motionless bodies every few minutes breaks up the monotony of straight roads.

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