#BadBetty On Tour - Day 4

So after cruising around on pushbikes in Cunnamulla yesterday, today was WALKING DAY - but as you can see, I got to travel in style in my very own #BadBetty shoulder bag - simply a must when you are a style icon as I am!

On the drive, we saw a dead cow and a dead pig too - and lots and lots of dead Roo's. :-(

On the way to Charleville, we stopped for a break and my dad found a great photo opportunity for me on the fence of a local property (which had its own railway track - that was a bit WOW).

In the main street of Charleville, again I was the centre of attention with a bus load of tourists checking me out while I was getting my picture taken with the Mumma & Bubba Kangaroo and the Weary Man statue - lucky that I LOVE the pupperazi!

At Charleville we did the river walk along the banks of the Warrego River and again, I used that opportunity to pose for some fabulous pics - the water looked pretty brown and the level was low but we were assured that the water was healthy & during our wander, we saw a house that had the level for the 1990 floods marked on it - wow - a huge high-set Queenslander and even then, the floor was at least 1 metre under water!

Lastly we walked (and walked and walked and walked) and found the BIG TREE - its a bit of a local landmark and is the biggest (around the middle of the trunk) of whatever kind it is in Western Queensland or maybe even all of Queensland - its so big the road goes around each side of it but to be honest, we weren't even sure what it was - it looked like a snow gum but to us, it was just a big tree.....

Simon Says.....

My wife is a machine.

She is the 'Energiser Bunny' on steroids, always moving, always thinking. I often wonder how such a big brain can fit in such a petite head but I suppose that's evolution at work - advances in technology is giving us smaller devices so it stands to reason that evolution is doing the same.

I don't need a smart device to tell me where I am going or where I am going to set up camp for the night, I have Lyne and she is amazing, she is all the smart devices one needs rolled up into a neat package and I love her to bits for it.

I hope I don't outlive Lyne otherwise I will be in serious trouble, it would be hard to start thinking again - in fact I am sure my brain has already started to atrophy.

People struggle with the concept of retirement, what will they do with themselves, life will be boring they say, but not for me - I have Lyne and we will have activities planned months in advance!

I still have some responsibilities especially with anything mechanical, that's my domain and I keep the bus running like a well oiled machine like those old guys with their old engines and steam trains.
Hopefully over the coming weeks Lyne will come down to my level and give her brain the holiday it deserves, God knows it has earned it. 😆

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