#BadBetty On Tour - Week 3 (Pt 2)

So the last few days we have continued to have the pleasure of Ron and Linda's company at Barunga.


Thursday we toured around Barunga and checked out the old Maranboy Tin Mine and Friday we went into Katherine to have a look around the town and visited the Katherine Hot Pool - another fabulous spot - it was more like tepid water, in fact, the perfect water temperature actually and we stayed for over an hour and only left when school got out and the hordes started to come in to join us.

On Saturday we ventured out to Katherine Gorge with Ron and Linda and today (Sunday) went to church at Barunga - lots of details and pics for Thursday, Saturday and Sunday below. :-)


Tomorrow we head off nice and early for Darwin and boy, has mum got some action-packed stuff in mind for when we get there! Until next time - its love from #BadBetty Mk II, Mum & Dad xo


Maranboy Tin Mine Site

Thursday - Barunga & Surrounds

Ron played tour guide and gave us a tour around the community and up to the water tanks - pretty impressive view from up there over the community. We also went to see the remainder of the Maranboy Tin Mine - which was operational from 1918 and employed many locals as well as Chinese workers. It closed for repairs in 1949 and never reopened. Its a bit hard to reconcile the pictures from its operational heyday to now (almost 70 years later) but there was an incredible steel lathe and other equipment and fixtures that are still there in part or in whole through so many years, harsh weather and fires. It was a very interesting forage through the site.

Katherine Gorge

Yesterday (Saturday) we ventured out to the Katherine Gorge for a hike - it was only about 5km but in 34 degrees and with a substantial climb to the top for the view, it was a bit warm but then again, I got to travel in style as always! (in my #BadBetty bag!)


Along with the view, Dad took some great pics of the plants - one reminded us of "Little Shop of Horrors" - see if you can pick which one. :-)


We even got to meet some new friends and got my picture taken with them at the viewing platform - I am a very lucky #BadBetty!


The view was stunning but the stink of the bats - wow, that was awful! Right near the visitor centre - we understand they come and go depending upon the season but at this time, they have set up camp right there and the trees were alive with them!

Church @ Barunga

Sunday is church day for Ron and Linda so we all went along to the local church and I wasn't the only dog! :-) There were lots of dogs at the service and the older style hymns (Simon knew them all!) were sang in English and then in the local Creole language - almost like a pigeon English in some ways. I got cuddles (don't I always) and enjoyed my morning.

Simon Says.....

Had my chance yesterday to enjoy the Northern Territory's generous speed limit of 130KM and it was compelling. Many thanks to Ron and Linda for letting me drive their Pajero from Katherine to Barunga after a great day at Katherine Gorge.
A debate on raising the speed limit in other states would no doubt polarise people but I for one would be an affirmative. 
Even the goat track into Barunga has a speed limit of 110km and is little more than a strip of tar wide enough for a single vehicle with dirt easements and the odd buffalo or two lounging around the road. Oncoming cars becomes a game of chicken with the loser being the lily livered, spineless chicken who moves onto the dirt first & despite the potential risk of serious injury this system works perfectly well.
Ironically the Hume Highway, particularly the section from Canberra to Sydney is an autobahn of the highest standard that could easily support a higher speed limit over the snail pace limit we have now that makes the three hour trip an uninteresting, tedious, dull, dreary, mind-numbing, tiresome, lacklustre, unexciting, monotonous, wearisome, humdrum effort to get from A to B.
It takes so much of our hard earned taxes to fund policing to ensure the general populace complies with the law like well trained dogs keeping dumb sheep from breaking ranks and running off in a fit of belligerence. Couldn't this money be better spent elsewhere and us sheep left alone to get from to A to B quickly and efficiently? 

Happy to receive comments of support from anyone who agrees with my sentiments otherwise keep your opinions to yourself 😆.


Today I witnessed a miracle. A bonafide, genuine, life changing miracle out of the blue that will have you believing in creation, I didn't see it coming at all. Lyne went to Church voluntarily on her own accord!
How did this happen I can hear you all saying, Lyne at Church?
I can assure you I was equally as shocked particularly because she was the one that suggested we should go with Ron and Linda and join the locals in worship of Jesus Christ.
Off to church we went in our Sunday finest and dress thongs to sing hymns and songs of praise and worship with me in stunned disbelief. On arrival #BadBetty Mk II made an appearance - miraculously appearing from nowhere to win the hearts of the locals and God himself and I began to suspect an alternative motive in the form of a social media opportunity not to be missed! Photo's with the kids and also local dogs attending church to hear the Good Word (7 dogs in total).
Half the congregation was dogs and reminded me of Matthew chapter 7 v6 where it instructs us to: "Give not that which is holy unto the dogs, neither cast ye your pearls before swine, lest they trample them under their feet, and turn again and rend you" - I think this has something to do with sharing food after the formalities have finished, food is always found in abundance at Christian gatherings regardless of what brand of Christianity you subscribe to they all have supper after every meeting.
All went well and Lyne was not struck down by lightning even though she probably qualifies - perhaps today was not her appointed time and she is on the waiting list.


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