** Update April 2020 - we do not currently have any dogs or bitches available on Breeders Terms **



Breeders Terms (for bitches / girls)

While "Breeders Terms" will differ from breeder to breeder, our arrangements for girls are:


  • Initial purchase price - $TBA
  • You pay for desexing (approx. $400) once we no longer require her for breeding
  • We would normally only have three (3) litters - any more than that would only be in exceptional circumstances and in consultation with the owner
  • Kortmar Shiba Inu continues to "own" the bitch on the pedigree
  • The bitch will reside with you on a day to day basis and you will cover annual vaccination and wormings and general health care and be the nominated owner for the microchip registration
  • She comes back to us for mating and then returns home
  • We get her back a week before she is due and she stays here for whelping / bringing up the litter - we will do our best to wean the pups and return the bitch once the pups are 6 weeks of age.
  • We will pay for the costs associated with the mating and whelping / raising of the litter


While we would prefer a home in or around our area, we are willing to relax that arrangement as long as people are willing to share the travel with us.


Please note - we are now located in Barmedman NSW so there is a requirement to either share the travel with us (meet us half way) or we split the trips - we can work out specific arrangements when the time comes.


Please note your interest on the Wait List application if you might be interested in this arrangement if it became available.