Kortmar Open Days

We have now made the move to Kortmar Manor in Barmedman (western NSW) and plan to resume Open Days from August 2018.


With our commitments to the show ring and our location in Barmedman, it is not practical to have visits on an irregular basis - instead, we have scheduled Open Days which is your chance to come on out and meet the dogs and meet us.


  • As a potential shiba owner - you need to meet as many as  you can - we have so many different personalities in our own backyard so can only imagine how many other personalities there are with other breeders.
  • As the potential breeder of your new family member - you need to meet us and be sure that you are happy with the way we care and look after our dogs and that you consider us as people to be honest and trustworthy in our dealings with you.


Although it is not a pre-requisite to meet us, especially for those that are so far away, meeting you does help us form an opinion of you and your family when interacting with the dogs and as potential future members of the Kortmar family.


Note - if you are from interstate or more than 3-4 hours travel away, we will try to accommodate your visit outside of the scheduled times where we can, especially if you are in this area for work or other family reasons.


The details for the next Open Day will be updated in the coming weeks as we confirm the date, details and changes now that we have made the move to Kortmar Manor.
Prices are still to be set but note that with our new location, we will be providing a fully catered morning or afternoon tea for all participants.


Times (TBC)

Session 1 - arrive from 10am for morning tea then Info session from 11am to 1pm


Session 2 - arrive from 2pm for afternoon tea and Info session from 3pm to 5pm

(Note - the intention is for Session 2 participants to stay overnight)


Numbers TBC



Please come suitably dressed - DRESS DOWN - fancy clothes and high heeled shoes are not going to make it comfortable to stand around while you undertake the tour or meet the dogs.


You can presume you WILL get little pawprints on you and likely fur as well!


Please do NOT bring your own dog/dogs & if you frequent dog parks, please wear a different pair of shoes when you visit.



We will add a link to the next sessions on Eventbrite once we work out the dates and details for August 2018.

Please arrive on time or a few minutes before the timeslot - we want to ensure that everyone gets the same information and the same opportunity to meet and interact with the dogs.


We do ask people to remember that we are inviting you into our home and our kennels and ask you to follow our direction with regards to using hand sanitiser and wipes before handling our dogs. 


We also remind you to follow direction when advised to approach a certain dog in a certain way - we do know our dogs and we want this to be a fabulous and enjoyable experience for you and them.


In coming to our Open Day, you are agreeing to have your pictures taken with the dogs and possibly posted to our social media sites - please let us know if you seriously object to that concept.


Kortmar Manor

15 Queen Street


Email: kortmar@outlook.com

Telephone: 0447 467 907
(after hours only)

Past Open Days