#BadBetty On Tour - Week 8 (Final)

So - its week 8 and at lunch time today, we arrived back to Kortmar Manor (still under construction) at Barmedman to spend a few days before arriving back home to Murrumbateman in a few days time.

Its been an amazing 8 weeks - 11,500km, 51 days (14 days that we paid for camping) and 5 states/territories covered and we spent about $130 per day - sights we never thought we might see and some we actually planned  to include. We had a general idea for this trip but a lot of it was open to whatever we might fancy along the way.

We finished of the trip with a journey along the Eyre Peninsula - I don't think we saw even part of what it had to offer but maybe next time we can have a better look - but even what we saw below was pretty impressive!

We would all like to thank you for accompanying us on this journey - we hope you have enjoyed our pictures and that #BadBetty Mk II has kept you entertained along the way!


I have missed the real #BadBetty more than anyone could know but feel confident that she will be getting lots and lots of loves from me later this week when we get back to Murrumbateman. 

Thank you all - love Lyne, Simon & #BadBetty Mk II.



Kimba is an awesome little town that we would happily visit again - it demonstrated fantastic civic spirit (we got to experience a local football game and multiple netball games from our campsite) and boy, do the Lions Club there make the BEST donuts! :-) It is also half way across Australia and in amongst its other charms, it has the Big Galah!

We did the 6km return walk to the lookout in the morning - check out #BadBetty with all the iron statues! Awesome!

They are also currently painting the local Silo's - wow - that is a sight to behold!

Perlubie beach (campsite)

Baird Bay (seals)

At Baird Bay we got to see both Australian Sea Lions and NZ fur seals - Point Labatt is one of the largest year around mainland breeding sites for the Sea Lions.


The Sea Lions (males can get up to 400kg!) and while these guys stay closer to the shore, the NZ fur seals tend to hang out closer on the rocks nearest the ocean. 

I wish we had had a better long distance lens - we certainly will before we do venture forth on another journey like this. 

murphys haystacks

woolshed cave, the tub, Birds & whales

The Woolshed cave and The Tub are natural rock formations that are very impressive - although we did wonder that the SA Government had any type of OH&S concerns - nothing was fenced or restricted so we can only imagine that some idiots (or unfortunates) have come unstuck visiting these attractions. 

While having lunch, we not only got to see whales out in the Southern Ocean but also got hounded by some very curious (and hungry)  sea birds!


Locks well beach (camp site)

Locks Well Beach campsite is predominantly a surf beach (brave brave souls) and a fishing beach straight directly onto the Southern Ocean - there are two carparks - up top for buses (proper buses, the #BadBettyBus doesn't count!) and caravans and down bottom for cars - with over 250 steps down to the sea! It was a wild night - we were backed right onto the ocean as you can see from the pics and to be honest, the ocean was so raw hearing it crashing and beating onto the rocks below that we didn't really get a lot of sleep - it was a bit disconcerting.

whites river (Hammond Rd) (campsite)

Simon Says.....

The trip is done, all over, come to an end, finished, finito.
We arrived in Barmedman around lunch time today after two days of intense driving and 1400km of bitumen covered since we left our idyllic campsite on the beach at White Flat. It's good to be almost home after two months on the road, countless sights and many memorable times.
How can I summarise the last 8 weeks? It's a difficult task to wrap up our journey in a few succinct sentences describing the spectacular time we have had traveling over 11,000km of the biggest island in the world.
Would we do it again? Absolutely yes, without question - this road trip has paved the way and opened the flood gate to many future trips to explore this magnificent country of ours.
#BadBetty Mk II has been a star, a role model of obedience that one expects of a stuffed toy. Should the real Bad Betty have joined us this trip who knows what mischief and shenanigans she would have gotten up to!
I expect we will be doing a trip in the near future that includes the Royal Princess #BadBetty herself and that will be a blog to look forward to. Until then I hope at least one person (aim high) has enjoyed the Simon Says segment of the blog.


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    Kathy (Wednesday, 06 September 2017 00:38)

    I've thoroughly enjoyed the blog (Simon's section too) and look forward to hearing all about it in person from Lyne. The photos are magnificent and #BadBetty Mk II has performed her role as a stand in admirably. Thank you for sharing your adventure with me. I wish you many happy travels in the future.