#BadBetty On Tour - Week 4 (Pt 2)

Firstly - this week our huge thanks go to Drew, Esther and Charlotte Wagner for allowing us to park the #BadBettyBus at their place in Darwin - we cant than you enough!

So - after a bit of a look around Darwin when we arrived, on Wednesday we all boarded the "Sundancer" and thoroughly enjoyed an incredible cruise around the Darwin Harbour and watched an amazing sunset, ate lots of nibblies and drank WAY too much champagne! Thank you Sail Darwin - you put on quite a show!

Thursday morning we boarded the minibus with Wallaroo Tours (I think #BadBetty was the only one NOT nursing a hangover!) and headed out to the Adelaide River to be entertained by Pat and his Jumping Crocs - wow! To be honest, a bit too up close and personal for mum and those cheeky buggers kept eyeing me (#BadBetty) off like I was their next meal!

After surviving the Jumping Crocs, we headed out to Litchfield National Park to see some amazing swimming spots (Wangi Falls and Buley Rockhole) and then checked out the amazing termite mounds on the way out.

Friday we just had a bit of a quiet day and got ourselves sorted to head back on the road to Kakadu on Saturday morning but that is the NEXT edition! :-)

Thanks everyone for joining us - we have only included a small selection of pictures from each of our adventures below - we still have to find a way to get all the pics up for your viewing pleasure!

We hope you are enjoying our adventures so until next time - love from #BadBetty Mk II, mum & dad and the #BadBettyBus xo




Sail Darwin - Sunset champagne harbour cruise

So - the advert with Sail Darwin said there was "Complimentary Champagne" on our sunset cruise..... although the Champagne certainly did say lots of nice things to us over the course of the evening - it was very complimentary - it was also a lot more evident that we expected.... non-stop champagne actually! Thank you Drew for picking us up because there was certainly no way we would have been successfully driving by the time the boat docked (Simon thinks everyone on the boat was hammered!)!


I have to say that the boat tends to move a bit more than you expect when you get up to go to the toilet after simply sitting and drinking for quite a while..... luckily none of us went overboard!


#BadBetty was a HUGE hit (after a few people realised she wasn't a REAL dog!) - getting lots of cuddles and as the night went on and more alcohol was consumed, passed around to different people for hugs and the Kortmar story of the real #BadBetty and friends back home got quite a few renditions!


The view was amazing, the food delicious and I think you already know how we feel about the champagne..... the crew at Sail Darwin were excellent and the amazing sunset over the Darwin Harbour was just an incredible bonus! 


Go Do It!


It wont be something we will forget in a hurry. Simon took at least 500 pictures and we have only included a few below for your viewing pleasure - it was amazing!


wallaroo tours - jumping crocs

Pat is the Main Man at Jumping Crocs - taking our tour group out in his little boat so we could get up close and personal with a selection of the local crocs - likely a whole lot closer and more personal than we expected actually.

There are 4 operators licensed for this type of tour - the others have bigger boats (even a double decker) but with bare-foot Pat, the cruise is just him & his stories, his rather small boat (there were 18 of us and that was capacity for the boat) and his chook carcasses dangling from a stick....

We got to see about 4 of them up close and personal - like within inches or up against the boat - which was a bit disconcerting when people on the other side suddenly decided to stand up and move to our side to get better pics and you could feel the boat tilt a bit - and we didn't get too many pics with #BadBetty - seriously, we don't think they were watching us but they seemed like they were watching her - we might have been too much effort but she obviously looked like a tasty treat!

We also got to see the birds....Hawks and Kites - just stunning! Again, we got so many pics and have only included a few here to see but will find a way to post more in the coming days.

wallaroo Tours - Litchfield National Park

Litchfield NP is lovely and the different water holes were stunning - Wangi Falls is simply amazing - it was hard to find words to describe it actually. The water was clear and cold and there was so much room that even though there were a lot of people there, there was no crowding. The facilities are first-rate too for visitors - café, toilets and a great area in front of the falls to sit. Wallaroo Tours fed us well (how awesome was it to not do the driving or catering?) and knew the places to go - Buley Rockpools was another little slice of paradise on a hot day and then on the way home, we saw the termite mounds up close.


The Magnetic Termite mounds (up to 2m tall) are all aligned north to south to minimise the exposure to the sun and are quite narrow and flat - you will see that in the pictures.

The giant Cathedral termite mounds (up to 4m tall) are constructed very differently (and are located in exactly the same places) and use stored grass and mud to create them and as they add more to the structure, the outside is strengthened and will typically live for 50-100 years (the lifespan of the Queen). We saw one that was being attacked by Fire Ants - wow - amazing how they can destroy it.

Simon Says.....

I received feedback from a reader of this blog regarding some offensive language I used in a previous edition, he has provided me with a list of alternative phrases more politically correct and fitting for a blog of high standard such as this one. Thank you dear sir for pointing me in the right direction and helping me get back on the path of righteousness, I have seen the error of my ways and will no longer use foul language in my segment of the blog.


Although not a defense for my actions, I did write that particular piece with another reader in mind - a resident of Gooloogong NSW who delights in all things offensive. I encourage all who read the Simon Says segment of the blog (at a guess I would say 6 at the most) to familiarise yourselves with the correct phrases to use and like me make adjustments as you deem necessary.


Please take everything I say with a 'grain of salt' as most of the time I am talking out my arse and even now this is segment is total rubbish - but don't miss the Eulogy at the end!

"😳 -
I was a little taken aback at your recent vocabulary on your blog and thought this may point you in the right direction for the politically correct readership

😉Happy travels 😳🐪😁"

It is with sad regret I inform you of the passing of Kogan Portable Air Conditioner who passed away on Thursday - I miss you terribly my dear Kogan, we were the best of friends.


Many a hot night we spent together camping in the #BadBettyBus, you residing in the cupboard sucking out the hot, humid air and me lying on the bed enjoying the cool caress of your sweet chilled air blowing over my hot skin. When I was hot and bothered you kept me calm, collected and firmly grounded with your down to earth cool approach to life that never failed to take the heat out of my hot irritability. What a waste of hard earned dollars on their way to Darwin landfill.


I tried in vain to resuscitate you my dear Kogan but to no avail and curse my inability to breath life back into your circuit boards. I cut you open and rummaged about your innards looking for what ailed you but your death remains a mystery to me. Rest in Peace.

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